Let’s #MakeAtHomeTogether

Let’s learn together!  As we safely, and surely adjust to different methods of learning, we offer a mix of both in-person, and online workshops for individuals.

Ask us about group sessions and online demonstrations for your team, or your brand.  We are continually adding new courses to our offerings.

Candle Making
Life Skills
Screen Printing
Soap Making

Get Organized with Space that Works via Zoom

Start the year by making space to create–whether it’s creating your next craft project, or crafting a life you love–building a healthy energy by decluttering and organizing your surroundings is pretty much ground zero for peace of mind. Join us and Certified Professional Organizer® Kat...

Mandala Mosaic Making via Zoom

Get your zen on with the meditative practice of mandala making, while learning how to put together your very own ceramic tile mosaic! Mosaic is a wonderful medium for intentionally crafting your mandalas.  Whether forming one as symbolic of your spiritual journey, or making one...

Creative Journaling and Aromatherapy via Zoom

While confined to our homes, staying focused and in the flow seems to be a tall order. The lack of spatial boundaries of our work and home life, keep our minds racing to finish long and hard to organize to do lists.  We might find...

In-Studio: Intermediate Woodworking: Compact Side Table

Increase your woodworking knowledge by making a compact side table! This woodworking project will be mostly table saw-centric, providing additional experience with this versatile tool. You will learn how to make simple joinery, properly attaching the top to the base, as well as tapering.  Safety...

In-Studio: Introduction to Screen Printing

Learn the basics of screen printing in this workshop with Sheina and Andrei of Hocus Screen Prints & Design! Participants will get to expose screens to make photographic stencils and screen print designs on fabric. The three-hour session will cover the following: Materials & Equipment Artwork...

In Studio: Intermediate Woodworking: Box Making

Increase your woodworking knowledge by making a small wooden box! This is a table saw-centric woodworking project, using crosscut and other jigs to make a box. In this class, you will learn how to make proper miters and making a lid with handle. Safety orientation...

In Studio & Online: Scented Candle Making

Learn to make your own scented candles using natural beeswax and fragrance oils, and get to blend your own scents.  This course is available as both an in-person studio workshop, and as an on-demand, online course. For the in-person studio workshop, we can accommodate an...

Online: DIY Melt and Pour Soap Making

Try out the easiest form of soap making in this fun on-demand course on the Basics of Melt and Pour!   Learn what tools you can use to melt your soap base, and how to add other ingredients, or additives that include fragrance, colorants, or embeds!...

In Studio: Simple Woodworking

Simple Woodworking will take each participant through the more DIY course to woodworking, focusing instead on general hand tools, and finishing projects that you’ll surely find handy for the home. At the end of the half-day session, each participant will be able to finish 2...

In Studio: Cold Process Soap Making

Learn to make your own natural soaps the traditional way, using all-natural ingredients!  In this session, you’ll learn to make soaps using the cold process method, which tackles the following: Handling lye Computing your own recipes Using different base oils Scenting using essential oils Using...

In Studio: Fine Woodworking Basics

Learn the basics of this essential craft by working on one of the best woodworking projects to start with for beginners–the cutting board! This basic woodworking project provides experience in commonly used shop tools (table saw, jointer, planer), allows you to learn different techniques, and...

In Studio: Basic Sewing Machine Operation

It’s time to get that sewing machine running!  Learn how to operate a sewing machine, and get to make a simple first project of a reversible drawstring bag!  For this half-day, in-studio workshop, 1-3 participants from the same household may be accommodated for the fee of...
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