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We’re finding new, and organized ways of keeping your team, or company learning and engaged through our on-demand platform on Though live sessions are wonderful ways to keep in touch, we are now building options for more individual-paced learning, but still within a group setting.

We can now offer customized group pages for teams (companies or schools) managed by your HR Managers or Team Leaders, where you have the freedom to enroll your employees or team mates, work with us in selecting specific workshops to make available for periods of time (or options for access to all the learning courses), as well as monitor their engagement with the chosen learning courses.

Working from home has our team mates and employees in a constant pull for time, whether it be for family, or home-related concerns, or for work.

Pre-scheduled sessions may not work best for everyone. In order to maximize the learning experience, the courses in our on-demand platform are divided into short modules, which can be taken at any time of the day or night.

We’ve designed our on-demand courses with time and care, in our bid to ensure the most optimal learning experience. This entails tight shots of procedural sequences in making, as well as wide shots, the instructor’s view, as well as good audio.

These factors are not all available during live sessions, since the instructor is usually limited by his or her internet speed, and the group’s video platform.

Keep the conversation going through the forums!

If you have any questions after you’re done with all the modules, or even if you’d just like to share photos of your finished project. Just head over to the forum for the course you’re taking, which is located at the bottom of the main course page overview.

No need to run around, searching for tools or materials! We’ve got you covered.

Each course is equipped with an access option that includes a kit with the necessary materials to complete the course project. For enrolled groups, we can provide options to purchase course kits.

Hello, groups and teams! We have a customizable Group page, from where a Team Leader from your group or company can enroll new members, and monitor enrollees’ engagement with the courses. We can design packages for monthly, weekly, or course access.

This function is great not only for companies and teams, but also for schools.

Would you like to learn more? Shoot us an inquiry over on our email at We’d love to assist you in designing a learning package for your group.

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