Craft MNL is a community of artisans, crafters, designers and creative entrepreneurs who learn, create, share and celebrate the work of our hands.  We try to give encouragement and support to crafters from all over the metro (and hopefully soon all around the country) by providing a virtual space for folks to be able to see the other crafters/craft studios/craft events in their respective neighborhoods.  By doing so, we want to see just how extensive the passion for the handmade is in various cities.

We believe in the process of making things as a metaphor for actualizing things, and believe that once people get to think of what they want to do or create, then take actual steps towards making their concept a reality, then it’s just a matter of a bit more practice to get down to even bigger things.  And with bigger things, who knows what crazy-awesome things folks will be cooking up…all from the beginnings of the simple granny square.

Craft MNL is a venue to share skills, tips, craft leads and challenges with artisans, to learn from each other, and to collectively discover more about craft, including Philippine traditional craft, its methods, and about local materials.  We have a cozy workshop space where we regularly concoct things to do, so do check out he various workshop schedules, take a bit of time to get to know the generous crafters who share what they know, learn new things, and warm up those fine motor skills.

From sewing, felting and embroidery to printmaking and woodcraft, to weaving local threads and fibers of our traditional craft history, to brewing craft beer–we view the work of our hands as a way we can share our views, tastes, experiences and aesthetics with each other, and hopefully cultivate an appreciation for the handmade and handcrafted design. Come on in.

Craft MNL is a project of Opposable Thumbs.