Post clean up, the workshop is kinda back in order.

Post clean up, the workshop is kinda back in order.

The monsoon rains brought about by typhoon Maring got all of us to a standstill, stranded in our homes, on the road, or wherever we may have been at the time the rains hit.  But after the initial shock (and perhaps internal denial) that the floods were happening all over again, some folks got up and out of their respective comfort zones to reach out and help.  As the sun peeked through, the metro was a live again with purpose, with people going back to work, people getting up to clean their homes and offices, people heading out to relieve volunteers working at relief operations.

A number of our friends and fellow makers got affected by the floods.  Our thoughts and prayers especially go out to the artisans we work with in Paete and Bulacan, who seem to be doing okay at the moment.  The water got into our workshop in Malugay, and got to some of the goods stored on the deeper end of our floor (well, at least now we know where the deepest part of our workshop is–an instant no-storage area!) in a cardboard box.  But after some drying and mopping, everything’s alright.  The floor cleaning yesterday even prompted a general clean up, as we had to empty our shelves to reach the hard-to-clean area at the back of the workshop.

Inspired by the clean up, we dug up some organizing tips for crafters, prepared by professional organizer KAT ONG of Space that Works.

Craft Organizing Quick Tips:
  1. Carve out and create an exclusive area for craft supplies and workspace for doing crafts.
  2. Organize and store supplies by category or type – papers, tools, stickers, fabrics, stamps, adhesives,  etc. This way when you get new items, it will automatically have a home.
  3. Label containers / storage for easy retrieval and putting away.
  4. Use a tray or basket and pluck out what you need to work. Shop your supplies “store” and move this to your workspace.
  5. Keep your workspace clear so you have ample room to spread out.
Making it Pretty
  1. Try to make the way you store supplies pretty to keep your space inspiring. Store supplies like papers or fabrics in ROYGBIV or neutrals, white, pink then ROYGBIV silver, gold
  2. Have storage containers in similar colors for a visual balanced look. Acrylics are great!
Cool Products
  1. Muji’s drawer storage with wheels are great to store misc. supplies and roll these to wherever you need to.
  2. Different sized ziploc bags help small items contained (SM office store, Uncle Bills)
  3. Japan Homes white plastic baskets (in misc. sizes) also help organize supplies.

Being “too tidy” can sometimes feel constricting to an artist.
Of course, you don’t have to be all neat and tidy all the time, though being organized enough does help when you need to find something right away.

The purpose of organizing your space is so that once that inspiration hits, you’re not scrambling to find what you need and getting stressed when you can’t find it. You want to be able to nail down that divine inspired thought into action and produce a work of art – before it flies away…

New York and Toronto-trained Professional Organizer Kat Ong has been helping individuals achieve organization in their personal space since 2002. She has been featured on Studio 23’s ‘F’ and “Breakfast” shows, The Lifestyle Network’s “Living Space” and ANC’s “Talk Metro” and “Shop Talk” where she covered different areas of Professional Organizing from paper management to closet organizing and relocation.

We’ll be at tomorrow’s Homegrown Filipino Fiesta with all of these other awesome creative entrepreneurs!  Check it out at Arts in the City at Bonifacio Global City from 10 AM to 6 PM.  An entrance fee of PHP 50.00 will be charged and will supplement relief efforts for the typhoon victims.  Donations will also be accepted by Homegrown and Ayala Foundation.

Where is Arts in the City?  Check out the Google map below.  See you tomorrow!

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