Well, it’s kinda new, as we’ve never really told the world about some other stuff that we have up our sleeve…

We burn screens!

Yes, we offer screen burning services.  Just send us your design, and we’ll burn it on a screen for you!  The costs for screen burning vary, depending on the size of the design to be burned, and the size of the frame.  For special sized frames, they’re hand-built, so they cost a bit more.  The mesh used for these screens is finer than the screen printing frames and meshes you might see at a regular bookstore, so they provide finer detail for your designs.

We burned a screen used for a wedding giveaway.  Photo from Life After Breakfast.

We also fabricate rubber stamps!  Though we hand-carve prints at our sessions, we do understand that there might be certain details and design elements that need more precision.  The cost of our rubber stamp fabrication service depends on the size of the design.

These were done for wedding invitations.

What else do we have?  We now offer these beautiful light tables!  Together with our mini press, you can set up your own screen printing studio!  The light table below’s dimensions are approximately 25″ x 13″ x 5″.  Perfect for a small studio (or your little craft nook).

Perfect for a little printing studio. Or your craft nook!

And last but not the least, we’ve got a new Speedball stash!  We have rubber blocks and linocutter sets (with 5 tips and a handle in each set) all ready for your rubbercutting pleasure.  🙂

Our Speedball stash!

Interested in any of the above?  Send us an email at yelle[at]craftmnl[dot]com.  Or  send us a message over on our FB page.  We’re constantly expanding our stash of goodies, so stay tuned!  We’ll write about these wonderful metallic craft paints we’ve got in stock.