Whew.  The end of last year was crazy busy, and though it’s a bit late in the quarter, we’ve got really exciting stuff for you guys this year.


Making and exchanging stories over leather.

First off, leathercrafting!
Yesterday was the first run of our Leathercrafting workshop with the amazing duo of Rubbertree Designs, Ruben and Trina.  The workshop was ringing with hammering and the buzz of making, as folks exchanged stories over the smell of leather.  We’ve just got a few adjustments to make, but watch out for their second session next month!  Announcement coming soon.  🙂

Modular origami

Learn modular paperfolding techniques in March with Bobby Ruiz!

Second, paperfolding!
You must have seen our posts on paperfolding and the cool stuff you can do with a bit of origami know-how (in either construction or design).  We’re all excited for our session on Modular Origami with Bobby Ruiz in March!  If you haven’t signed up, you can hop on over here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.58.27 AM

Third, forums!
Every now and then, we get inquiries on materials and processes thru our Facebook Page, or email.  We’re always happy to help, but we don’t always have all of the answers (nor can we always deliver speedy replies).  Here’s where you guys come in.  We’ve prepared forums on various topics, from bazaar schedules, to craft business, to skill swapping, to knitting and printmaking.  We’re still in the process of developing and adding more forums (if you have requests for specific types of forums, just drop us a line, or comment below), but if you have any topics you’d like to start under the already existing ones, please join the conversation.  We can share tips, anecdotes, snapshots of our most recent projects, and since the forums are public, more folks can learn.  You can navigate to our forums from our Facebook Page, or through our website navigation (top menu).  Or just hop on over here.

Aaaaaand, a new surprise is coming up from our friends over at DMC Philippines.  
What is it?  Well, we ourselves are dying to find out.  Stay tuned to the DMC Philippines Facebook Page.

Have an awesome week ahead!  🙂