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We’re alive, and going live! ✨ What began as @bellemaps offering to do a free online Bullet Journaling Session is now a full weekend schedule of makers sharing what they know, and allowing a peek into their craft. We’ve also thrown in a free online Basic Sewing Machine Operation class for those who wanna get their machines up and running while at home. We’ll be opening signups for this free class on our website soon. We hope you’re all well—mind and body—we’ve been shifting gears as we pivot into our new normal for the foreseeable future. Now, more than ever, do we see the need to make, to create. And being limited to the confines of our homes does test our resourcefulness, no? But even with simple tools—pen, scratch papers, old notebooks—and materials like egg cartons, and a bit of glue, we can focus our restlessness into creating things of joy, and objects of usefulness. Let’s help each other out, and #MakeAtHomeTogether. It’s still gonna take some time, but staying home is still a great help in flattening the curve. Kapit lang. ❤️

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To join any of the IG Live Sessions, just head over to Instagram on during the date and time specified.  If you’re already a follower of @craftmnl, you’re good, since they’re joint IG Live Sessions.  BUT, it would be awesome if you would also follow any of the makers sharing during these sessions to show some support (they’re tagged in the IG post).

For the online Basic Sewing Machine Operation Class (this will be done over Google Meet), please fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you with session details.  We will have to limit slots for this session, since it’ll be our first, and we’ll still be figuring things out.  But rest assured, once we’ve got things down, it’ll be full steam ahead!

See you online!