Thank you for having us over, Hinge Inquirer! *Note to self: Be in photo next time.

Cray-cray seems to be the word for the season.  And the holidays have just begun!

We’ve been going a bit insane over the past few weeks, preparing our workshops, our craft stocks, and the 13 Days of Christmas, apart from well, everything else that it is we do!  The season’s begun on quite the hectic note, you feel like you wanna go DIY with everything, but then get caught up in errands, work, obligations, that you kinda feel like a little craft bomb waiting to explode…can you relate?  I suppose the ticking will end when the festive holiday glitter bomb explodes (oh the horror).  Or, maybe we’ll just kick up our heels and join some of the handmade giftmaking sessions we’ve been organizing (oh, the irony) to diffuse this craft tension.

In any case, we just wanna share with you some of our recent shenanigans:

DIY Tutorials on Southern Living!

We’ve been cooking up some DIY tutorials for Southern Living (yes, Makati is still part of the South!), the glossy Hinge Inquirer publication.  Watch out for these, folks: paper frames, lace rosette earrings and a reversible choker/headband.

Giftwrap shoot!

We also prepared a gift wrap DIY involving washi tapes, spray paint, lace, kraft paper, and snowflake cutouts from old magazines.  Thank you very much to Andrea Alfelor-Macaventa for introducing us!  And big thanks also to Gab, Jilson and Dukie for all the help with the shoots!

The 2nd Etsy Craft Party is done!

We had a lot of fun (and a full workshop) with the second craft party.  We used the materials Etsy so generously provided for the first craft party.  Some photos are already up on our Facebook page, if you wanna have a look.

Our #HandmadeChristmas giveaway went live!

Our #HandmadeChristmas went live!  Yaaaay!  This giveaway contest is only up to December 15!  We’ve prepared exciting prizes!  Join, join!

Cuddle up and get cozy with handmade love this season.

And our 13 Days of Christmas have begun!  Take a peek at some of the awesome handmade gifts made already during the sessions!  Wanna join a session (or two, or three)?  Find out more here.

We’ve got more handmade updates coming over the weekend–with our first kiddie craft party yet!  Stay tuned.