Photo from Littlecircles on Craftster.org

Have you guys heard of Craftster.org?  It’s a wonderful forum for all things crafty.  This morning they shared a tutorial for a Quilled Sunflower Necklace by forum member Littlecircles (an amazing Hawaii-based quillist and paper crafter), and we figured it was the perfect tutorial to show off the versatility and some of the possibilities with this fun and intricate paper craft in time for our basic quilling session with The Quillist, Joy Ann Chua this September 14.

To see the full tutorial, check out the Craftster.org forum here (you can view the tutorial even while a guest at the forum, but what the heck, do sign up to receive all of these fantastic tutorials), and if you’re inspired by this project, do check out our quilling session with Joy Ann Chua to get the basics down under her expert guidance.

Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!  🙂