Mikko Sumulong is the friendship bracelet genius who wowed us all with the funky creations of the Friendship Bracelet Book.  She also drives us a little nuts with all of the photos she posts of lovely paper folding items and nifty craft punchers.  It’s really amazing what you can do with paper and some tools.  Mikko is heading one of our 13 Days of Christmas with a gift wrap + paperfolding session at 10A Alabama this weekend.  Join us, won’t you?  Sign up here.

How long have you been crafting? What got you started?
I’ve been crafting since I was a kid. Being an only child (at the time) and having a stay-at-home Mom who could double as Martha Stewart made crafting a daily to-do. My mom had a pantry that housed an abundance of craft supplies that made it nearly impossible to ever be bored. Crafting now seems like riding a bike. My hands know what to do, even if my brain doesn’t.

What’s your favorite medium? Why?
I find myself drawn to thread and paper. I’m never without paper! It’s amazing what you can make out of the most basic of craft materials.

Favorite Project: The Friendship Bracelet Book!

Tell us about your favorite projects.
Definitely, The Friendship Bracelet Book! I lived and breathed friendship bracelet patterns for a few months. Working with other crafty people was an added bonus! This opportunity awoke my childhood need to craft, and got my creative juices going once again. I’ve always wanted to author a book, but never really thought my first would be one on crafts.

What’s the one crafting skill you’ve always wanted to master/learn?
I’m quite poor at drawing. Actually, I’m terrible! My brain thinks in patterns and shapes, rather than figures. I always tell people it’s never too late to learn a new skill. So I’m hoping, it’s not too late for me.

What are you currently working on?
Right now, my big project is turning my craft life into work life. With that, I’ve been planning activities for parties (baby and bridal showers). And now that it’s the holiday season, I’ve been working on gift wrapping solutions–both actual wrapping, and creating custom-made supplies for various people.

Colorful and creative packaging!

What’s your dream project? What have you done to make it happen so far?
I would love to have a craft studio, where people can huddle up to craft! Since September, I’ve started having weekend craft huddles teaching a variety of crafty things. It’s not in a studio I own though. At least not yet!

Aside from crafting what else do you do?
Currently, I work full-time doing HR for an advertising agency. Got right in the middle of creative people, is what I did. Soon though, I hope to expand the scope of I Try DIY!

How does creativity influence the other areas in your life?
I’ve learned that there is no one right way to do something. That seems to have driven a lot of decisions I’ve made in my life.

A pretty braided bracelet.

Any advice for other aspiring crafters?
Just do! The great thing about crafting in this day and age, is that there is an abundance of place to learn new things. If not with other crafters, you can get online and learn new things. Can you say Pinterest?

What do you to beat a ‘creative block’?
Work on something else!

Give us 3 crafting essentials you must have in your toolbox at all times.
Paper. A few Sharpies. Thread/Cord/Craftlace.

Why should people get their hands busy (and start crafting)?
Why buy when you can DIY? When asked where you got something, there’s this thrill in hearing yourself say “I made it myself.”

Let’s all try that, why don’t we?

Where can we find your work?


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