Happy crafters!

It was a rainy Thursday evening, but the weather couldn’t dampen our craft fun with the materials generously provided by Michael’s for this year’s Etsy Craft Party.  We had originally planned for this get-together to be on a weekend, but as the holidays approach, we see more and more makers, crafters and creative entrepreneurs abuzz with preparations for either the bazaar season or the numerous activities that come with year-end celebrations.

So we’re especially grateful for those who joined our last craft party.  For those who weren’t able to make it, we missed you guys!

Cutouts + paint + stamps = magic!

It was wonderful to see familiar faces, and we were especially happy when we made new friends!  In addition to the thanks and love to those who came, we’d like to send shoutouts to Kanto (for lending us their projector), to Marie Gonzales of Kitchen Revolution (for providing us such yummy fare–cold noodles, vegan ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, whoa!), to Jan for being one of two men that evening who made vintage postcards of their own, to Nikki for the yummy cupcakes and the juice dispenser, among other things, to Lex for being the handyman that he is, and to Andrei and Sheina of Hocus for being awesome neighbors and co-conspirators.  😀

More beautiful creations!

Sounds like some sort of belated Thanksgiving post, huh?  Gratitude never goes out of style.  Sharing with you guys this cool video Nikki prepared of the event:

Here’s to craft celebrations all over!  Cheers.

Cheers! 😀

You can view more photos from the event here.

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