The Gantsilyo Guru and her craft-supportive boyfriend Rob.  Photo by Lea Dordas.

The Gantsilyo Guru and her craft-supportive boyfriend Rob. Photo by Lea Dordas.

You are the ink to my nib, the glue to my glue gun, the ephemera to my acrylic emulsion…this love month we’re posting a gallery of craft-supportive significant others!  Let’s show some love for the folks who cheer us on as we do…what we love doing.  We met Rob and Trey last year at Trey’s Get Hooked Basic crochet workshops, and even caught Rob doing a bit of crochet himself!

How does your significant other/partner show support for your craft?
Well, for one, his first Christmas gift for me when we were dating was a set of crochet hooks! That was awesome! He comes with me on my craft shopping sprees, shares my creations online, reads my blog entries, and even buys me yarn to surprise me every now and then. He also (painstakingly) helps me out when I hold workshops.

What do you like the most about the support you get?
I like that he always encourages me to continue what I love to do and that he thinks I am great at what I do. How do you show your appreciation for that? With lots of love!!! 🙂 I also make stuff he would like through my craft.

What are your partner’s interests/hobbies/craft?
He’s good at drawing. He’d also love to make custom furniture someday.

Do you do any activities together?
At some point, we want to merge our interests. He makes the furniture, I make the accents to make them pretty.

One of Trey's pretty samples during her workshop.

One of Trey’s pretty samples during her workshop.

Got a craft-supportive significant other you’d like us to feature?  Send us your story and photos and we’ll see what we can do.  Email Yelle at yelle[at]craftmnl[dot]com.