It was a few months ago, when Craft MNL first came up with a complete month-long lineup of workshops (I think that may have been July of this year).  I was sitting in the living room of the creative vibe-y home of Resurrection Furniture10A Alabama–and I was ripping up little sheets of magazine paper.  Across me, Lex sat, idly flipping through a magazine he purchased earlier.  Beside me sat collage artist Arlene Barbaza, and she was meditatively composing her clockface collage.

A crafting Saturday afternoon.

There I was, nearly frantically ripping up my little paper mosaic sheets, and I stopped to observe Arlene.  She was leafing through magazines, taking note of photos or illustrations that caught her attention, then comparing by flipping back and forth.  We would converse while decoupaging, and through observing the deliberate way she composed her collage, I realized that I was zipping through mine.

Decoupaging acrylic clock faces. The first informal Craft MNL Labs session.

Then the irony hit me.  I was crafting, not sitting in a production line with a quota and a deadline (though I’m sure for some of our craft entrepreneurs the holiday season comes with a wish for more craft elves to pitch in).  Sure, there were other appointments to think about, but  it was a Saturday after all, and indulging in the creative process with the opportunity to apply a concept by hand was something I could–well, indulge in (and anyone who’d like to get away from the keyboard clackety-clack can, too).  🙂  There’s a charm to the imperfection of the handmade that goes along with its evolving, unhurried philosophy.  And the process of thinking of something, creating it, and allowing it to evolve gifts a fulfilling satisfaction.

Works in progress!

So this weekend, sit back and indulge in something creative.  If you’re in the creative industry, there’s nothing as therapeutic and satisfying as making something just for yourself.  Breathe in and out, and have your hands find their way into the crafty rhythm of making.

Go out and make stuff! 🙂