And today we’ve cooked up a short video in the name of our childhoods, traditional Philippine craft, and good old creative craft fun.

Meet Mary Velmonte of the Takatak Project. ¬†She, Claude Rodrigo Canete and Missy Galang, all advertising professionals, figured to put a twist to their regular crafting sessions and adopt the local traditional craft form Paete is known for, apart from its famous woodworking: paper mache, known in Paete as “taka”.

Since then, the takas have been a staple at the 10A Alabama Craft Fair, the shiny red horses, alongside others with more contemporary designs, bringing reminiscence and excitement to young and old alike, and somehow spurring more economic activity among some of the paper mache artisans in Paete.

This vignette is part of our Crafting PHL project, documenting folks who support, and are involved in our very own Filipino craft.