Okay, before the updates, we’d like to share this hilarious video by West Knits on “Places Where You Can Knit”.

The rainy weather seems to magnetically attract us to our knitting and crochet needles, and we figured to share this video with you to inspire a bit of creativity in your knitting/crocheting venues.  There was a time when we might have cared that our knitting or crocheting in public might have been looked upon with scrutiny for the granny vibe, but what the heck–we love our grannies–their wisdom and treasure trove of hand skills, as well as mental files of family recipes bring us back to gentler times.  Where would you knit or crochet?

So anyway, we took a bit of a break last week from updates.  The week before, we had YARN SALE WEEK, where a couple hundred units of yarn found new homes thanks to Dreams Yarnshoppe, Gantsilyo Guru Selections and Yarn Source Manila.  Again, many thanks to these three awesome yarn suppliers for joining the sale, and to everyone who came and enriched their yarn stashes (and the stashes of their loved ones).

Yarn Sale last photos

THANK YOU! You fill our hearts with fluffy yarn-love.

We’re cooking up something for October–watch out for our Paper Week(end)!  😀

Basic Beer Brewing in progress!

Basic Beer Brewing in progress!

On to other updates, last week we had our first run of beer brewing with the awesome guys of Katipunan Craft Ales!  We had a few unexpected surprises during the first run, but got everything all ironed out for the second class.  We’ll be having the second and third sessions for each class, culminating in The Collective’s own version of Oktoberfest–Beer & Spirits next month!  Do watch out for announcements on this.

Aaaaaand, to wrap our rainy day updates, we’ve added two more schedules to our roster of workshops for this month: Basic Crochet, and another offering of Getting Started on Your Online Craft Business.  Our Basic Crochet workshops are leveling up with a crochet starter kit with a 6-pc. set of Susan Bates crochet hooks (I’ve never tried these, but people swear by it) and a variety of Red Heart Super Saver Yarns.

Basic Crochet

Pick your craft to learn this month!  Hope to see you at the workshop, and do stay safe and dry folks.