Kinab-anan Weaving from Sorsogon

Checking out patterns closer to home, you see the ever-increasing ikat-inspired patterns that decorate home decor and dress prints.  What proves to be a geometric fascination though are the weaving patterns from our local palm leaves.  My graphic designer heart leaps thinking of these patterns in colorful vectors.

Imagine the consistency of these patterns!

The photos in this post are from Elmer Nocheseda, our palm leaf weaving guru.  They’re samples of local weaving called kinab-anan, from Sorsogon in the southernmost province of Luzon.

Think in 3D!

I couldn’t find much on this particular weaving technique.  We’ll build an online library of references of local craft soon, but for now perhaps we can get inspiration from these traditional patterns.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

Now try imagining them on fabric.  We have such an immensely rich visual culture, I’m certain entire clothing, accessory, upholstery and stationery collections can be inspired from our local patterns.

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