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And we shall declare 2013 as the year we celebrate with our hands.

As new year posts go, this one’s rather delayed, but we at Craft MNL have been busy (and still are) putting things in order, planning and making preparations to give you a year that’s as exciting as all of the possibilities of handcrafted can be.

We headed over to Laguna and Quezon for a year-start retreat (will post more on that), and have returned wired and inspired, with more workshops, more events, more collaborations, and more opportunities to make (and take).  🙂  We’ve got a Maker Faire lined up, beer brewing (hooray) as well as a series of DIY sessions (both real-time and online) that we think our creative entrepreneurs will enjoy.  Might we also mention that we have a couple of creative getaways lined up just for you (think sun, sand, great food and a huge dose of local crafting culture).  Does 2013 sound exciting enough to you already?

It sure does to us.  We simply can’t wait for the rest of the year.  See you soon.

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