Thank you.  Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Normally, Monday gets a lot of flak for being the weekend’s partypooper.  But after a weekend like the one that just ended, we take on this week with only gratitude.

The weekend which started off with the Bloom Arts Festival last Friday, and our Pocket Party throughout Saturday and Sunday ended with our hearts bursting with amazement and pride, as (even up to now), pledged items from other crafters and makers kept coming in.  Up to this morning, we’ve received updates of more items being pledged, and since we’ve still got the workshop all set up, we’ve decided to continue with the sale throughout the week.  So do drop by between 1 PM and 8 PM from Tuesday until Friday, and check out the cool things folks are sharing.  🙂

The holiday season is an especially tight-scheduled time for makers, as every weekend is spent in the bazaar circuit, and little time is left for rest and production.  But Props to the crafters and makers who have pooled their items for us to sell–through their efforts, we’ve been able to raise over PHP 10,000.00!  We are now coordinating on acquiring sanitation aids for crowded evacuation centers thanks to friends who are taking the lead on this.  We’ll post updates when we’ve turned over the amount.  In the meantime, we’ve still got pledged items to sell!  So come on over and do your shopping while helping with a good cause.

So…props to the Makers who made time, who made an effort, and who made our hearts swell with inspiration (in no particular order):

Did we miss out on anyone else?  🙂  Thank you again, and let’s keep this awesome vibe going.  There are a lot of other activities going on to raise funds!  Check out these other happenings:


Katha Magazine’s  online auction!  They’ve invited a lot of talented Makers for this awesome endeavor.  Check out their auction page here.

Katipunan Bahaiyanihan

Katipunan BaHAIYANihan!  This event is tomorrow, and they’ll be selling pre-loved designer clothes!  They’ve got performances and other folks selling stuff.  This looks like it’ll be a festive one.  🙂  Check out their Facebook Event Page to see details.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 7.40.33 PM

The 1,000 Bear Hugs Project.  They’re taking pre-loved huggable toys to the kids of affected areas.  It’s the power of play and comfort and childhood joy.