A stenciled rocking chair by Ver Coronel.

Okay.  Artist Ver Coronel just brought our stencilling standards up a (few building storeys) bit.  Not only were we awed by the intricacy and detail of his stencil pattern, but the fact that he hand-cut his stencil, with the above result is simply awesome.

A really organic pattern.

Collaborating with Dekahon (one of our friendly neighbors here at the Collective), we’ll be having a cardboard furniture stencilling workshop soon, taught by none other than Ver himself.  Watch out for that, folks.  🙂

Stencil away! Hooray for industrial-strength cardboard furniture!

This little cardboard rocking chair had a bunch of grown men try it out, so we know it’s sturdy.  We’re working with Dekahon in developing other cardboard products.  Really excited to show prototypes of our ideas soon!