And a few weeks ago, we had a certified scrapbooker in the house!  Jona Panesa makes beautiful scrapbook pages using old desktop calendars.

Jona shares how to make scrapbooking embellishments.

Though based in Antipolo, we were thrilled that they were able to come all the way to the Collective to hang out, with Jona sharing scrapbooking stories, Zid (Jona and Glen’s precocious son) trying his hand at some of the materials, and Lex and Glen chit-chatting over some of the leftover beer from the Etsy Craft Party (I think this little get-together was the day after the craft party).

Mother and son show off the pretty washi tape bunting Jona whipped up.

Jona was awesome–her hands were constantly in motion, fingers nimbly picking up scissors, baker’s twine or washi tape–while sharing with me how she and some of her scrapbooking friends get together and share materials as they scrapbook together.  Most of the materials are sourced abroad, like punchers, edgers and stamps, but since they generously share tools, folks can make more.  Jona also introduced me to the Philippine Crafter’s Association, where I got to see a whole different crafting subculture (I’m starting to see how each craft has a particular crowd)!  The ladies in the group are very warm and generous in sharing tips and supplier leads, the whole setup kind of reminds me of how sewing circles in the day might have been.

A pretty tassel from Hey Kessy baker’s twine.

Jona also shared a neat upcycling trick: making old desktop calendars into little scrapbooks!  She was able to snag a bunch of old desktop calendars from her office, and she’s willing to share how to transform these into pretty scrapbooks this month!

From desktop calendar to scrapbook! 🙂

So upcycling this month takes a scrapbook-y spin!  Have you been gathering ephemera–hanging onto old tickets, dried flowers, souvenirs from trips or the like?  Never printed those digital pictures from your last vacation?  Now is the time to bring those out and head over to our workshop!  🙂  On the 13th, Jona will be having one session only of scrapbooking!  This will be three hours of tutorials on embellishments, and how to setup your upcycled scrapbook.

Check out the workshop details here.  And see more of the photos from this mini scrapbooking session in our Facebook album here.  Hope to see you this month!