Illustrations by Arlene Sy. Paper embroidery by Craft MNL elf, Yelle.

From decoupage we go a bit into the sewing way, but instead of seams, we figured it might be more fun for everyone if we stuck needles and thread through paper material.  Really.  🙂  And even more fun if we sewed around the beautiful illusrations of Arlene Sy.

This particular project’s been on the backburner for quite sometime now, and we figure now might be the perfect time to whip it out and give everyone a preview of the whallop of whimsy equidistantly placed dots, sewn through with variegated skein thread can bring to lovely artworks.

This illustration is from one of Arlene’s earlier exhibits over at Heima.

Mounted with ribbon on a pretty handmade paper frame.

Further embellishments like beads, little pearls, etc. can also be used to complement the illustrations.  We’re developing paper embroidery kits for your DIY prettiness fix.  Excited?  Got ideas for us?  Let us know!  Leave a comment, or just drop us a line at yelle[at]

Here’s to an awesome week ahead!  Creative vibes from the workshop.