…served in an upcycled glass bottle.

Actually, the words “Creative Juice” WERE scrawled on this bottle in chalk, but we kinda had too much of it…

So, when you try to paint a bottle, the paint usually just slides off, right?  Well, at our upcoming MakeSHIFT workshop Fragile Curiosities, you’ll be privy to glass painting secrets, apart from glass etching.  Nikki also taped a bit of washi around the bottle, making it such a crafty sight.  We might have written “Craft Juice” on the bottle instead of “Creative Juice” but then again folks might think it something else altogether…(it’s important that in your workshop everything is properly labeled), including your own respective stashes of “Inspiration Juice” and “Procrastination Repellent”.

One of the earlier prototypes using some of our old Counting Sheep Design decals

With the advent of vinyl decals and those lovely plotter machines, we can dream up all sorts of designs for DIY glass etching!  Learning the process will come in handy for decorative (ornamental glass items) and functional (labeling glass jars, etc.) purposes.  Plus, they give a new lease on life for old glass items.

Participants for this Saturday’s MakeSHIFT sessions are encouraged to bring their own glass items to etch!  We’ll have designs waiting for you.  See you guys at the workshop!