Meet Candy Reyes-Alipio.  We first encountered her creative presence when she signed up for a couple of workshops with us which we later learned was a form of “me time” in between her freelance production and costume design gigs for film and TV, and her many entrepreneurial endeavors.  Candy is also a part of Ricefield Collective, and spends sometime in between shuttling back and forth between Manila and Baguio (where she resides with her husband) in Uhaj, Ifugao, teaching the women there how to knit.  Candy will be teaching a basic knitting workshop tomorrow at the Maker’s Market, using the new chunky thread from DMC, Hoooked Zpagetti.  To sign up for this special session (where you get a discounted price on a Hoooked Zpagetti kit) and make pretty clutch purses with Candy, go here.

How long have you been crafting?  What got you started?
I think I’ve been crafting since I was a kid – I always loved to make things – art and work ed were my favorite subjects 🙂  Every summer, my parents made me and my siblings take a class – any class of our choice, so long as we were being productive with our free time.  I took piano lessons, ballet and lots of art classes.   It was a tradition I took on til I grew older – making sure I took a class or learned something new every year.  I’ve learned photography, painting, fashion illustration, pottery, dressmaking, jewelry-making , rubber stamp carving, textile design, cooking, playing the ukulele, and knitting among other things.

How cute is this knitted plushie?

How cute is this knitted plushie?

What’s your favorite medium?  Why?
I love working with fabrics, textiles and fibers – I love working on different textures and prints, and find them to be very versatile.   Knitting has to be my favorite craft so far 🙂

Tell us about your favorite projects.
I think I enjoy every project I do – but my wedding capelet has to be one of the most special 🙂  Other favorite projects include the polka dot Matroyshka pillow I designed, and the monsters I make for my nieces and for my friends’ babies. (I attached photos of these.)

What’s the one crafting skill you’ve always wanted to master/learn?
I’ve always wanted to learn how to weave fabrics and silversmithing!

A knitted matryoshka pillow!

A knitted matryoshka pillow!

What are you currently working on?
I always have several projects going on – right now, I am working on my first yarnbomb project (almost done!), a friend’s wedding capelet for a Paris winter wedding, and some christmas decor for my own tree.

I’m also working on some skirts made from woven fabrics that I am selling thru the site www.seektheuniq.com 🙂

What’s your dream project?  What have you done to make it happen so far?
I’ve always wanted to do a yarnbomb project in a public place – and right now I am close to finishing my piece and will be installing it before Christmas, somewhere in Baguio 🙂

Also, I am starting on weaving classes as well in the next few weeks, and hopefully I’ll be designing my own textiles soon!

Candy sells these pretty local weave skirts at seektheuniq.com

Candy sells these pretty local weave skirts at seektheuniq.com

Aside from crafting what else do you do?

My real job (haha) is actually working as a freelance production and costume designer for advertising, TV and film 🙂  Basically I design sets and wardrobe (where my crafting comes in handy!).

How does creativity influence the other areas in your life? 
I think creativity influences everything I do – what I wear, where I live, the people I am drawn to, the work I do….

Any advice for other aspiring crafters?
Don’t be afraid to try new things! and always keep it fun 🙂

Candy knitted her very own wedding capelet!  :-)

Candy knitted her very own wedding capelet! 🙂

What do you do to beat a ‘creative block’?
I travel!  I make sure I visit a new local place and a new country yearly – I always come back re-charged and just bursting with new ideas after a trip 🙂

Give us 3 crafting essentials you must have in your toolbox at all times.
scissors, measuring tape, needles (sewing, knitting, crochet hooks)

Why should people get their hands busy (and start crafting)?
If you spend all the time you do on Facebook crafting instead, you’d probably end up with tons of pretty things for yourself!

Where can we find your work?
My portfolio site for my production design work is www.candyreyes.com; and you can see all my crafts, travels, design inspirations on instagram (@candyreyes).  For serious crafters on Ravelry, you can find my work under @candyknits.