We’re overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for the upcoming Etsy Craft Party!  We’ve maxed out our event page on Eventbrite, and though we’re figuring out how to fit everyone in (we may have some tables set up outside the workshop too!), we’re happily adjusting our preps for food (yummily from Kitchen Revolution).  Etsy‘s also adjusted to our number, and are sending us not one box–but two!  🙂  And this time, we think they’ll make it in due time to be enjoyed by you crafters and makers on the 20th.

craft supplies, Etsy, craft, Craft MNL

Preview of the craft supplies from Etsy

We’re finalizing details and designs for the dolls we’ll be doing, as well as the mosaic for the MMDA Children’s Traffic Park.  We’ll be posting more details on these, as well as our tie up with Channel Good’s advocacy project, Girl Matter.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these materials (can you tell we’re just jumping out of our skins with excitement for these–simple crafter joys):

craft, supplies, craft supplies, Etsy, craft party, Craft MNL

Close up!

See you folks on the 20th!