Okay, this may not be as colorful as your usual Christmas fare, but the wild flowers and weeds Dad picked up around the house were too pretty not to arrange (well, truth be told, Dad plunked the whole lot of wild flowers and weeds beside my laptop and  told me to arrange them, hehe).  But I did notice that his color palette had promise.  The dark green and red-violet leaves of the long-stemmed white flowers and the lavender-ish flowers of the weeds he picked blended something lovely together, I couldn’t help but inhale a bit of inspiration (so there are designs dancing around inside my head now).

I also thought of the nabeoki Elmer gave me.  With coconut leaves, he put together twine and made it into this pretty pot mat.  Thinking it was too pretty to use as a pot mat, I figured to keep it and use it as a wreath for the holidays.  Mom though immediately thought it was a towel ring to hang in  the bathroom (for a nice, rustic feel), and somewhere down the road, I think this little nabeoki will make it to that.  So many possibilities for a neat, functional craft piece.


Here’s to a lot of handmade love this Christmas.  🙂