Screenprinted postcard by Hocus!

Though bazaars are aplenty this season, the handcrafted vibe comes in full force this weekend, with 10A Alabama and the Global Pinoy Bazaar happening all at once!  Where to go, where to go?  As platoons of crafters and creative entrepreneurs head out to share the handmade love, we keep in mind that buying local and handmade is a gift we give not only to our loved ones, but to the thriving industry of small businesses (which is getting more and more exciting!), whose growth is causing wonderful ripples in the communities of design, creativity and commerce.

The 10A Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair is at 10A Alabama St., New Manila, and the Global Pinoy Bazaar is at the Rockwell tent.

PS: Hocus will be selling the postcards above at 10A Alabama!  🙂  They’ll also be giving postcard screen printing classes at two venues for our #HandmadeChristmas sessions.  Check out the schedules here.