The lady behind Yarn Source Manila.

The lady behind Yarn Source Manila.

It’s the YARN SALE WEEK countdown!  While we prep the yarns for you, we’d like you to get to know some of the folks behind the yarns.  Meet Kimmy Maclang, the lady behind Yarn Source Manila.  Next week, she’ll be leading one of our Happy Hours in a fun yarn pompom making session, and she’ll be bringing with her a stash of her best-selling classic cotton yarns with a THICK variation, hand-dyed ones, worsted ones, fancy yarns and abaca yarns!  Are you as excited as we are?  You can check out her online yarn shop here to scope some of the yummy yarns you’ll be seeing next week.

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Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do (if you have an alternate life apart from being supplier of happy maker things)? How did you get into selling yarn?

My name is Kimmy Maclang. I am a freelance actor for stage, TV, and Film. Early last year (Feb 2012), I resigned from my regular job as a copywriter at an advertising company to pursue acting full time. During the same month, I got a new puppy, Cassie the Poodle. Because i used to crochet dog clothes in 2005 for my yorkie, Chewy, I decided i wanted to make them matching clothes. I then started looking for online yarn stores but could not find any. I went to the old yarn suppliers i had from before and ended up hoarding too much. I then sold them online at Multiply.

After about a couple of months, I had requests for more. That’s when the yarns started selling out like hotcakes. I then decided to expand to more items related to crochet, knitting, and other crafts.

How long have you been in this business?

About a year and half.

Why yarn?

Simple — I crochet.

kimmy's unicorn

How adorable is this amigurumi unicorn Kimmy crocheted for her niece?

What are your favorite yarn projects?

Crochet. recently I started learning how to knit. But because I know crochet better and I don’t have much time to learn everything about knitting, I just crochet.

What’s your favorite kind of yarn?

I love my Classic Cotton Yarns the best. They are cheaper, and I can do more with them.

What’s something you learned from getting into the business of selling yarn?

Learn to explore.

Kimmy's Yarns

Watch out for these yarns at next week’s sale!

What’s an important tidbit of information on yarn you can share that you think makers should know?

Yarns come in all shapes and sizes. There is a wide variety of yarns out there, you just have to determine what kind of project you want to make to choose the best yarn. You cannot limit yourself – combine your different yarns. For instance, you can use boucle and acrylic together to make them thicker, and you get a unique texture. You can even make your own yarn! if you have a blanket you don’t use anymore, you can cut them into strips and use them. BE CREATIVE — don’t limit yourself to patterns.