Kat and Mike.

Kat and Mike.

You are the ink to my nib, the glue to my glue gun, the ephemera to my acrylic emulsion…this love month we’re posting a gallery of craft-supportive significant others!  Let’s show some love for the folks who cheer us on as we do…what we love doing.  Kat of Midnight City Curiosities sent us a lot of love for her boyfriend Mike!  Perfect for today’s occasion.

Shortly after beginning the posts on Craft-Supportive Significant Others, we got this email from awesome crafter Kat Limbaga (she and her boyfriend Mike previously took a screenprinting class here at the workshop):

Hi Yelle,

My boyfriend is supportive of mine as well!

He was excited when we did this – http://katlimbaga.blogspot.com/2012/09/seeing-and-making-patterns.html?m=0

He was the one pushing me to continue practicing my craft/hobby; be it polymer clay, photography, crafting with paper. He is always the first one to see my finished work because I love to see the pride in his eyes when he sees I have accomplished something. So everything from my currently-on-hiatus online shop were scrutinized by the boyfriend, as in he was my personal Quality Control specialist lol! (http://midnightcity.multiply.com/)

It makes him happy that what I do makes me happy!

There was this one time that he surprised me with a vintage typewriter…that he bought from Cubao X! He lugged the thing from Cubao to Laguna, on a bus just to surprise me. Thinking about it now makes me teary eyed a bit (heh, sappy! Damn hormones…)

Anyway, that’s our love story. Lol.

Xoxo, kat (and mike)

Kat tries her hand at screenprinting patterns.

Kat tries her hand at screenprinting patterns.

How does your significant other/partner show support for your craft?
He is the one who encourages me to go on, especially when I’m in a creative rut. He’s not very crafty but the things that he taught me (especially about art) just opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. The stuff he taught me when we were first dating were pretty evident in the items that I sold in my currently-on-hiatus shop.

So does Mike.

So does Mike.


What do you like the most about the support you get?

It’s nice to feel appreciated! He had always been my biggest fan. All the things that I create, I make sure that he sees it first. He’s my personal Quality Control checker. hahaha! he’s very honest when i give him my finished work so when his face lights up, i KNOW i did something that would make him proud.


Some of Kat's ear candy handcrafted earrings!

Some of Kat’s ear candy handcrafted earrings!


What are your partner’s interests/hobbies/craft?
These days, he likes collecting vinyls and also Russian film cameras. He was the one who inspired me to take up film photography as a hobby. It started out with plastic cameras. He moved on (to rangefinders and film slrs) but they’re too technical for me so I kept my plastic camera love affair :))

Have a closer look at these yummies.

Have a closer look at these yummies.


Do you do any activities together?

Yes we do! The last crafty activity that we did together was the screenprinting workshop with Hocus! (he was actually excited because he really wanted to learn silk screen printing on fabric haha! adorbs.)

Got a craft-supportive significant other you’d like us to feature?  Send us your story and photos and we’ll see what we can do.  Email Yelle at yelle[at]craftmnl[dot]com.