The SittingprettyPH Queen, Mariel and her Sugardaddy King-husband Louie.
The SittingprettyPH Queen, Mariel and her Sugardaddy King-husband Louie.


You are the ink to my nib, the glue to my glue gun, the ephemera to my acrylic emulsion…this love month we’re posting a gallery of craft-supportive significant others!  Let’s show some love for the folks who cheer us on as we do…what we love doing.  Mariel of Sittingpretty Crafts Studio sent in a writeup on her husband, Louie, and we’re thrilled to be posting her appreciation and love for her husband this month of hearts!


How does your significant other show support for your craft?

Louie is my sugar daddy! HAHAHA! After many years of working in corporate, he allowed me to resign from my job to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. From being a dual-income family, he became the sole breadwinner (well, at least until my business starts raking in millions, hehe. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed). He also provides me with additional capital for my business when I need it. He also buys me craft books to keep me inspired. But more importantly, he is my source of moral support. In the early stages of my business, I was content with just selling to family and friends and to be honest, I was holding back because I did not know how the market would react to my products. He was the one who pushed me to join as many bazaars as I could. He would drive me to the bazaars and even carry the boxes for me. Chivalry is not dead y’all. ☺

His patience is also amazing. My business is home-based and I craft EVERYWHERE. And during the holiday rush, my stuff was all over the place. I have a crafts room, but I took over the living room and had some materials in the bedroom too. Walang patawad.

One of Mariel's pretty cloth-covered magnet boards.
One of Mariel’s pretty cloth-covered magnet boards (only from Sitting Pretty Crafts Studio).
Mariel, Louie and their kids at the Kiddopreneur bazaar.
Mariel, Louie and their kids at the Kiddopreneur bazaar.

What do you like most about the support you get? How do you show your appreciation for that?

His faith in me is what drives me to do my best. He is my number one fan. He even drove me to my very first TV interview and in true stage-husband style, took photos of the whole thing. Even treated me to dinner after!

I show my gratitude by not talking to him while he’s reading or watching TV. Haha! Sometimes, he needs peace and quiet, which is rare in a house filled with kids. (He likes it when I’m crafting because I’m quiet! HAHAHA!) I also cook and bake once in a while, but he is a much better cook than me and ends up taking over sometimes. ☺

Can you spell Groovy (kailangan capitalized talaga)?
Can you spell Groovy (kailangan capitalized talaga)?

What are your partner’s interests? Do you do any activities together?
He enjoys playing golf and is addicted to books. We like going to the market to buy fresh seafood and cook for the family during the weekends. We enjoy travelling and exploring new places to eat. We both like going to the beach but he likes to swim and dive, while I just sit under an umbrella and have a cold beer. But what I like most is that we are able to sit side by side doing different things, being around each other but at the same time doing your own thing.

Awww, you guys.  That's a sweet family photo.
Awww, you guys. That’s a sweet family photo.


Got a craft-supportive significant other you’d like us to feature?  Send us your story and photos and we’ll see what we can do.  Email Yelle at yelle[at]craftmnl[dot]com.