Okay.  It’s Friday evening.  At the rate of things happening for Craft MNL this month (is really it the Hungry Ghost Month?!?), logging in a post was part of what seemingly was a wishlist.  And even if it is a rather formulaic #FollowFriday post, at least we got it out…on a Friday.  🙂  More updates to follow, but the in the meantime, enjoy these awesome Instagram finds: It seems we’ve been oooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over @craftsmithliving’s Instagram feed for a while now, but I think they’re relatively recent, having come from the label @mobudays (correct?).  The neutral and muted tones, the play with natural light, the general aesthetic of a mix of rustic, organic and industrial has us looking forward to their posts everyday (wishing our lives looked like that). We had to do a bit of research to find out that the person behind this Instagram account full of handbound books (that are shaped like food, fruit and veggies) is from Turkey (kinda makes us hungry)!  Looking at all of the colorful creations makes us feel like kids (who love their fruits and veggies) again. There are plenty of reasons to follow visual artist Christina Dy’s Instagram account.  She posts amazing photos of her paperfolding projects, she posts amazing shots of folks in different pole dancing poses (like, the super athletic poses that make you wish you had a third of their upper body strength), she also posts photos of…abs.  The kind you find on a male specimen’s toned torso.  Need we say more (sorry, guys).