Okay.  Seeing that our last blog post was last week’s #FollowFriday, we’re feeling a wee bit hopeful we can keep this up.  Gosh, making things, documenting and sharing them are all different disciplines altogether!  That’s why props to these three who constantly fill our feeds with snapshots of inspiration.

Her name is Ebony, and she’s been filling our feed with images of lettering, watercolor washes and awesome papercut artworks.


This scalpel Jedi from London has mad skills when it comes to lettering and paper construction.  His feed may not entirely be for your kids’ consumption though.


When it comes to screenprinting, we’ve got Hocus!  We think they’ve been really busy with projects lately, so we sometimes only get to see them through their Instagram feed.  Hi guys.  🙂

Hopefully, we’ll get to post before next week’s #FollowFriday!  Have an awesome weekend, everyone.