Because we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful and inspiring visuals we see on Instagram accounts everyday.

The Andes House.  A design studio based in Chile.  Most everything in their account is in Spanish, so stalkers can just relish the beautiful visuals of their work–from the wicker lamps to the muted hues and natural textures of their set ups and tile displays.  We’d love to learn more about them, so maybe…we can just brush up on our Spanish.  Orrrr, google them and look for articles on them written in English like this one!


Bored and crafty.  What else do you need to spark invention?  We gather the crafty mastermind behind this account is from Cebu.  But we wish she was here so we can buy her #DIYorDIE shirts.  And bags.  And hand-stamped pouches.


Flattery leads to ruin.  We found his account from a design we loved that was screenprinted by Ramona Press.  And thus we were flattened (um, not flattered–spared of ruin, I suppose) by his beautiful type design.

Got any Instagram gems we should know about?  Leave them in the comments below!  Have an awesome weekend, everybody.  🙂