The first craft party was fun.  🙂

And so in the spirit of our last-minute announcements, we’re opening slots for the second craft party at Craft MNL (whee)!

Save the date for November 15, Thursday at 5 PM at the workshop.  We’ll be having fun with the craft materials from Michael’s for vintage postcards (plus some other materials we’re throwing in) we received for the last Etsy Craft Party.  A fee of PHP 180.00 gets you beer and food!  Goodies in the tummy, craft materials to play with, and good folks to mingle with–what more can you ask for?  Oh wait, there’s a show-and-tell!  Listen to awesome folks share about the craft they’re passionate about and be inspired to pick up your own tools and make something!

Anyone who signs up for any of our craft workshops/sessions on the evening of the craft party itself gets a 5% discount.  We only limited slots for this activity (gosh, our workshop can only fit in so many), so make sure to sign up right away!

So shall we see you at the workshop?  Let us know!  Let us know you wanna party with us by signing up here.  Be sure to indicate if you want to present at the party!

See you next month on the 15th!  🙂