Don’t you just love vintage botanical illustrations?  Before the use of photography in documentation, these lovely illustrations served to help identify flora.  The very act of capturing the already beautiful imagery by hand, resulted in giving us these artistic (and scientifically accepted) renditions and perspectives.  These illustrations serve as not only odes to the beauty of nature, but as reminders of gentler times.

Decoupage is the perfect medium to showcase these illustrations, and we dug up some inspiration:

Decoupaged Glass Tray from InstituDecorativeArts on Etsy

Decoupaged Glass Tray from InstituDecorativeArts on Etsy


Yes, that's a decoupaged ceiling.  From Apartment Therapy.

Yes, that’s a decoupaged ceiling.  Black and white can work pretty well. From Apartment Therapy.

Where can you get these beautiful vintage botanical illustrations?  Hop on over to Wikimedia Commons.  🙂

Itching to decoupage a small piece of furniture?  Join us as collage artist Arlene Barbaza leads you through decoupaging your very own jewelry rack/key holder this coming weekend.  Check out her session details here.