After getting the call from FedEx yesterday about the package, I unfortunately wasn’t able to drop by the workshop to actually open it.  Ayay.

This afternoon, my first order of business was figuring out what exactly lay inside this mysterious package (sorry Nikki–mas low EQ ako kaysa sa iyo–huhu).

From Etsy with love.

And with the aid of scissors–geez, in my excitement, I didn’t even pick up the proper tools to open the box (the cutters were too inaccessible, tucked in a crate just upstairs)–the four flaps serving as the box’s top enclosure came open.

First look.

And it’s a party pack for 25 for making vintage postcards!  There are sponge brushes, adhesive runners (the corrective tape-looking things), markers, palettes, acrylic paints, glitter paints, craft wood (to mount the postcards on…?), scissors, a brush stand kit and brushes and decorative papers!

Hello there, craft loot.

So yes, the next craft party is on!  Thinking of doing it on a Saturday, perhaps after a MakeSHIFT session.   Stay tuned for more details.  🙂