Meet the Folks


Marielle Nadal a.k.a. Yellowbug

Marielle scribbles, doodles, sews, crochets, paints, prints, edits home videos and fiddles with web code.  When not prototyping craft products or hatching ideas, she designs communication materials and crafts communication plans for cause-oriented organizations and small businesses.  She also designs handcrafted details for weddings.

Lex Reyes a.k.a. the Militant Moustache

Talk craft beer, and Lex instantly perks up.  Lex brings order to the creative and crafty chaos that is Craft MNL.  He is keenly interested in the design and prototyping process which crafting essentially is, and is currently working with Yelle and a few other friends in figuring ways of translating and cultivating design in the grassroots.  Lex writes, designs and facilitates idea-bouncing sessions in our cozy office loft.

Nikki Abs a.k.a. Junk Studio

Nikki is our all-around Workshop Manager!  Craftsmith at Junk Studio, Nikki’s craft slant is towards the upcycled.  She breathes a bouncy vibe into our craft studio, and sharpens our ideas with her entrepreneurial whiz.  Her passion for the handmade has led her into crafting full-time.  As our upcycling queen, Nikki’s brainchild is our MakeSHIFT Saturdays.

Andrei Salud and Sheina Tobias a.k.a. HOCUS Newoldbikes and Screen Printing

Andrei and Sheina are the original inhabitants of our workshop space, having been part of the original crew that made up the Collective.  They’ve set the printing vibe of our craft studio, and constantly surprise us with the endless possibilities of screen printing.  Watching them fiddle around their bike workshop makes up for our lack of Discovery Channel.

Fara Manuel a.k.a. Robocat

Fara is another resident printmaker who specializes in rubbercut printing.  A graphic artist by training, she brings together her passion for the environment and the arts into her craft.  She is currently undertaking her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.