Arts & Crafts

for Kids and Grownups

Creative expression and skill building for all ages

Making things through arts and crafts not only brings about a sense of fulfillment, one also learns new skills, as well as experiences other sensory stimuli that can further enhance creativity.

Scented Candle Making

We prepared two types of activity kits for this session–one especially for kids, and one for grownups.  The kids’ kits had scented, shaved wax in different colors, which when put together in a clear glass vessel, makes for a colorful, scented candle–no wax heating involved!

For the grownups, we had a full session, and demonstration of how to make beeswax-coconut oil scented candles.

Tote Bag Decorating

Creative expression applied to everyday objects is one way of bringing art into your everyday.

In this session, the grownups took to decorating canvas tote bags with iron-on decals and acrylic paint.