Arts & Crafts

for Kids 5 and Below

Strengthening hand skills, and exercising imagination

For the younger ones, we’ve put together activities that encourage both play and exploration, as well as hand strengthening skills to build dexterity.

Tempera Resist Painting

This painting technique has a big reveal moment–when the ink is washed off to show the painted detail beneath.

We themed this project to sea life, and talked about local fish we usually encounter–at the dining table!

Play Dough Making

Simple instructions, check!

Getting your hands messy, check!

Playing with color, and making fun shapes–check, and check!  This activity is always a hit, and is great for younger kids.  The sense of accomplishment in making their very own play dough is tough to beat.

Flour Paste Batik

This activity was done in two parts: first, the kids drew out their designs on canvas totes, and outlined these in flour paste, squeezed from a bottle.

Once dried, the kids painted over the flour paste drawings, after which the flour was removed to reveal resist lines, similar in process to the outcome of traditional batik, but in a more kid-friendly way.