Make with us. WORKSHOPS Dream.
And Do.
We're a craft studio.
A space for learning, a space for making.
We believe that it is in working with your hands that you bring the mind and the heart together.
You bring people together.
And wonderful things happen.

Keep on, and keep on making.

We're keeping on.

As a small business, the consequences of this pandemic has forced us to create shifts, and leaps, and tries in an attempt to ride this out.  We've had some fails, we've had some wins.

And we're keeping on. We'll keep on making. We hope you will too. Learning new things, and keeping our minds buzzing, and our fingers nimble are more important than ever. We're sticking around, and we hope to ignite your creativity, and your love for making.

And we hope that as we go about our everyday, that spark for the possibility of making something creates bigger, and bigger things to look forward to.

Online Courses On-Demand 

Learn something new at your own time and pace, and from the safety of your own home.

Options for course access only, and packages with course kit materials included.

Online Group Sessions and Team Buildings 

Bring people together with an online group session learning something new, and making something together.

We have options for different group sizes, and packages that are inclusive of materials.

In-Person Studio Workshops 

For now, we can do one-on-one sessions, as well as small group sessions for a select number of crafts.

Group sessions are possible only if all participants are members of the same household.



Candle Making
Life Skills
Screen Printing
Shoe Making
Soap Making
Craft MNL, 2020.  All rights reserved.
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