Pickling for Adults with Chef Isi via Zoom

Pickling is one of the oldest methods of food preservation, and a favorite task of Chef Isi–especially since she’s made her homemade condiments for the past sixteen years!  This has been practiced in many parts of the world.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a new homesteader, a backyard gardener, or just a food lover who isn’t ready to say goodbye to seasonal favorites, this class is for you!  Chef Isi is going to teach you why food spoils, and how to prevent it using the simple and age old techniques of pickling.

Chef Isi will tackle the basics of pickling and its ingredients, processes and recipes like dill pickles, pickled tomatoes, pickled radish and many more.

Once you know how, preserving can become addicting–when you finally depart the class clutching an armful of goodies you may also find that you have acquired the pickling bug!

Fee for this class is PHP 2,150.00/person.  Slots are limited.  Fees are not inclusive of materials for class.  Upon registration, a grocery list will be provided.

The available session date for this class is:

  • July 30 (Saturday), from 10 AM – 12 NN
May 1 [Sunday], from 10 AM - 12 NN via Zoom
About the Facilitator
Chef Isi Laureano has been in the food business for almost 15 years - creating recipes for food companies and restaurants, doing food styling and photography, and selling spices and chilis online. She started "Chili Asylum" & “Haynayan Ketchups” back in 2013, two home-based brands that make spicy condiments and spicy chili lasagna, and as an institution dedicated to marketing fresh chilies and local ingredients directly from our Filipino farmers. Isi says she learned everything she knows about cooking from her Nanay (her grandmothers) whom she watched cook fresh lunches and dinners every day growing up in Malabon. Isi loves cooking and serving the local, regional food she grew up eating. Because of this, she became a Traveling Spoon host for the Philippines back in 2016. Isi is a private chef too. Eat Matters was born because she decided to make just one brand to umbrella every food-related job she makes. Since the pandemic started, Eat Matters now offers meal service for clients who have very specific dietary needs or for households that want to experience our family recipes and with Traveling Spoon, she now conducts online Filipino cooking classes.
You can check out more of Chef Isi's work on Instagram at @eatmattersph.
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