Fine Woodworking Basics

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Learn the basics of this essential craft by working on one of the best woodworking projects to start with for beginners, the cutting board!
This basic woodworking project provides experience in commonly used shop tools (table saw, jointer, planer), allows you to learn different techniques, and develop skills to pursue other woodworking projects. Safety orientation is included (and a big part of) the session.

From the regular session fee of PhP 4,500.00 per student, a discounted session fee of PHP 3,825.00 will apply for pre-booking, inclusive of all materials and use of equipment.

This pre-booked slot will apply to any schedule of Fine Woodworking Basics, but the pre-booked participant must register for a specific schedule to signify attendance.  Schedules will be announced as soon as community quarantine lifts.


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