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    We often get asked this question, so allow me to post this here. Normally, we’d refer them to this post on our IG feed that says this:


    Super legit question. Generally, carpentry would fall under woodworking (you are, after all, working with wood) in the same way that cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. 🌵 They’re related, and one may be equated with the other, but they are not the same! So carpentry is a form of woodworking, but there are other forms of woodworking apart from carpentry (did our cacti-succulent metaphor only serve to confuse you?!?). At our studio, we just use one term to differentiate the classes we offer under the general heading of woodworking. So, in the Basic Woodworking class, the project is a cheeseboard/cutting board. From rough wood, you learn how to flatten and square, glue up, and finish. You also learn about different qualities of wood, and get to use a mix of power tools and hand tools.

    For Carpentry, the current project is the beer caddy/tool caddy in the photo. In this session, you learn how to plan and measure, as well as cut and join wood with glue and nails. It has a more DIY feel to it.

    We’ll be expanding the projects under these two, so we can assist you in growing your confidence and skills. We just move a bit more slowly though, so bear with us. 😅 Any suggestions will be very welcome though. ❤️

    And of course, since the above description refers more to the difference between the sessions of carpentry and woodworking as offered in the studio, we found this very informative article on the difference between the two in a more general sense: https://www.thediyjoint.com/blog/carpentry-for-beginners/what-is-the-difference-between-woodworking-carpentry-and-joinery/

    That said, I suppose we should modify the names of our courses, eh? Let’s see.

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