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Who’s been experimenting with infusions? Dried roselle is known to be rich in Vitamin C, which lends pigmentation-reducing properties to a degree, as well as moisturizing properties when properly used. It also has a lovely shade of red when infused in alcohol–but would it work when infused in oil? I tried. Has anyone else?

I ground up dried roselle, and put about 50 grams into a bottle of VCO (the bottle above), and kept it for a few days. When no tinge of pink or red appeared, I tried agitating the infusion to no avail. I then tried to double boil the infusion to introduce heat (take care when you do this, you might want to monitor the temperature if you’d like to retain the oil’s integrity–I was only after the color, so I didn’t), thinking it might coax some pigment out. It tinged pink, but when the dust settled, the oil was clear.

I therefore conclude that if you want to use roselle to color soap, use the fine powder. Haha.

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