Temari, translated from Japanese, means “hand work”. The carefully hand-embroidered thread balls are often given as high-value gifts to loved ones and / or used as one-of-a kind decor. Not only are they admirable for their unique and beautiful designs, when one ventures into this craft, the meticulous but relaxing process will help anyone (especially the elderly) maintain a sharp mind, and lessening the chances of becoming forgetful; this craft technique is great for the brain. Join us in this brand-new session, where participants can begin their journey to be temari artists!

Though this skill requires specific training, Deepa, a certified Temari craftsman, will be going over all of the steps, simply, and at a good pace, so need to worry, everyone is invited to join! No prior embroidery/crafting experience necessary. Interested? Register now!

Session fee is P3,000. Participants will each be receiving a kit complete with all materials that will be used for the session. During the 3-hour session, students will be working on one Temari design, and will be bringing home another to work on as a take-home project.

Available session date for August at our Makati workshop space (Unit 302 Pamana-Languages Building, 926 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City):

  • August 27 (Sunday)  9AM – 12NN

Up to 10 participants per session will be accommodated. See you!




About the Instructor

13336016_104075306681828_8636749323728532725_nA fashion designer, artist, painter and hypnotherapist by profession, Deepa Asrani has studied and is practicing the ancient craft of Japan called “Temari” which means “hand work”. Living in Tokyo since 2012, she has completed and been awarded the third level Teachers Training Certificate. Temari balls are symbolic, decorative pieces of hand made craft which are used as home decor and gifts, which bring prosperity, good health and longevity to to the receiver. “Creating Temari reflects my passion of expressing the beauty of nature through art” says Deepa who has since 5 years created over 300 Temari balls and participated in several exhibitions in Japan. In Manila since 2016, Deepa is also a full time mother and home-maker while she continues to pursue the art of Temari.




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