Always admired those beautiful flowers embedded in resin? Learn the tips and techniques to make your own and turn them into jewelry in this wonderful workshop!

The workshop will be divided to two days. The first day will focus on discussing and learning how to cast resin jewelries, how to make use of different inclusions to decorate their jewelries and how to make use of other resin casting techniques that they can employ to create a unique piece. The second day will focus on polishing and assembling their resin jewelry creations.

The participants, with the guidance of the facilitator, will be able to make the following:
1) crystal necklace with snow flower
2) resin earrings studs
3) flower bangle with resin swirl technique
4) Open Bezel with pressed flower necklace

Lastly, the facilitator will give the participants a time to ‘experiment’ with other materials that are not included in
the workshop kit. These items such as mold for bigger bangles, smaller bangles, bag tag, notebook cover and unique
inclusions such as mermaid scales glitter, mica powder, glow-in- the dark powder will be brought in by the facilitator.

Workshop Kit Inclusions:

1) Resin Essentials

  • 10 disposable measuring cups
  • 10 popsicle sticks
  • 5 barbecue sticks
  • 3 disposable pipettes
  • 3 spread of wax sheet
  • 5 pairs of gloves
  • 3 pieces of face mask
  • 2 minute sand timer
  • Sand paper

2) 2 brands of resin

  • 10 ml easy cast epoxy resin and hardener

3) Molds

  • 1 Crystal mold
  • 1 Bangle mold
  • 1 Simple necklace pendant mold
  • 1 Resin stud mold

4) Colorant and inclusion

  • 4 small tube of resin colorant (white, red, blue and yellow).
  • 5 pieces snowy flowers
  • 1 small sheet of gold flakes
  • 1 tube of micro bead
  • 1 tube of iridescent glitters

5) Basic jewelry making materials

  • 2 18-inches brass necklace chain
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster locks
  • Necklace holders

Session fee is PhP 3,500/student, maximum 12 students per class!

Available session date for August at our workshop space at Unit 302, 926 Pasay Road Condominium (Pamana-Languages Building), Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road, behind New World Hotel), Makati:

  • August 18 (day 1) 10am to 2pm
  • August 19 (day 2) 2pm to 4pm


About the Facilitator

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 7.40.55 PMMillicent, or Mimi as fondly called by her friends, is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Japan. Her journey to resin art started off as a hobby. When it started to pick up, she then decided to make a business out of it. She wanted to share to everyone the beauty of resin as an art thus she conducts workshop as often as it is possible. Her art has been featured in WhenInManila, ANC Shoptalk and PTV Artsy Craftsy.







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