It is known that one of the numerous benefits of meditation include being able to reduce anxiety. Some crochet designs need a lot of concentration, others less so, either way as you are absorbed in the crochet your mind is able to focus on the repetitive stitches. It is like mindfulness- as you crochet you are focusing on the task in hand and can enjoy the here and now. That being said, this brand new crochet session will involve an opportunity to learn the rhythmic and repetitive action of crocheting where each stitch can provide an almost meditative state. Interested? Join us as we dive into creating unique crocheted dreamcatchers with Faith of Tindaraga Arts and Crafts!

Session fee for the workshop is P2,000 inclusive of a kit that contains:

  • Non sharp 3.5mm hook (or any crochet hook
    depending on the size of the yarn’s strand)
  • Locally-made colourful yarns
  • Wooden hoop frame
  • Aluminium wire frame with keychain (for those who want to make a dreamcatcher bag / accessory /keychain)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Colorful feathers

Available session date for May at our workshop space at Unit 302, 926 Pasay Road Condominium (Pamana-Languages Building), Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road, behind New World Hotel), Makati:

  • May 27, (Sunday) 2PM to 6PM



About the Instructor

unnamedFaith is a crafter and a visual artist who works as a marketing person, junior graphic artist, web designer, and a writer at present; A wanderlust and a traveller by nature who has a passion for music and arts. Her great imagination has allowed her to dedicate her free time onto different works of art—from crocheted arts, doodles or etches, from handicrafts, to scrapbooking.Inspired by different universal patterns, she is well known for her crocheted Sacred Geometry Arts, Ojo De Dios mandalas, and textile art installations, creating different styles and concepts. Her artworks were showcased in different events and festivals in the Philippines. She believes crocheting allows us to achieve mindfulness, the state of being in which we are fully immersed in the present moment. She finds crocheting as an ideal meditative activity, leading her to that ―zen‖ state of mind, allowing the brain and the body to both rejuvenate and de-stress themselves, bringing back the positive energy through her vibrant-colored yarns and unique rhythmic stitches.





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