26 April

Amigurumi Dollmaking

Learn how to make your own whimsical doll by using the Japanese technique known as “Amigurumi” or the art of crocheting dolls or stuffed toys. These handmade dolls are perfect for several purposes — a key chain or a rucksack/bag charm, a shelf sitter or table décor, a lightweight travel buddy, a pin cushion, Christmas […]

13 February

The Difference Between Rubber Stamping and Rubbercut Printing

As we begin with our rubber stamping class with Alex this weekend, some of you might be a bit confused.  Rubbercut printing…rubber stamping…aren’t they the same thing? Well, not quite.  Though they both are forms of relief printing (prints based on inked, protruding surfaces–that are usually carved), there’s a bit of a difference when it […]

3 December

Hello, December!

And the craftiness just keeps on coming. We’re full swing into our handmade giftmaking sessions!  We’ve done rubbercut printing, glass etching, screen printing doll making and DIY journals at Bungalow 300, Edgy Veggy, Craft Coffee Workshop and Briggy Hall.  Check out what else we’ve got in store for the rest of the Christmas season: QUEZON […]