20 February

It’s Home Decor Popup Weekend + Some Friday Shenanigans

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It’s our Home Decor Popup weekend!  Fill your home with handmade stories–the best accent pieces are the ones with lovely stories to tell.  We’ve invited a number of homegrown and handcrafted brands this weekend, from scents, to stoneware, to upcycled furniture, to pieces made out of indigenous fabric, to woven mats!  Visit our shop this […]

12 February

It’s Threadcraft Thursday! + Hocus Manila’s Screenprinted Textiles Show

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Okay, so we ourselves get a bit confused between #ThreadCraftThursdays and #ThreadCraftThursday when using the hashtag.  But either way, it’s still a fun Thursday evening at our studio–it ain’t a workshop as a number of you have asked–it’s more of a little threadcraft project support group, as we sometimes need a little hand-holding, cajoling, and […]

17 October

Money tips–spending, saving and making the most out of what you earn.

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If the adage of knowing thy enemy is true, then perhaps we can learn from that in the context of money.  Viewed as a means to our wants and needs, some of us are caught, in not even the rat race–but a hamster wheel–a veritable cycle of constantly trying to make money for our ever-emptying […]